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Some early routers…


South Central, Los Angeles 2014

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the greatest final

I really need to see this damn season man 😒

Korra goes so hard 

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Horror icons as Scooby Doo villains. 

Source is here. 

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Nudes every Friday.

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"Funny how I can be such a slut and yet be so attached at the same time. Guess I just love too much."

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You’re so cute.


I mean like just not your looks are cute but your personality too. The things you say are cute. Your voice is so cute. Your smile is so cute. How you talk to me is so cute.  I like talking to you. I really really like it. I like how I can call you in the middle of the night and talk till one of us falls asleep. Even though you  can be really weird sometimes I still like that. I like you and just you. 

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Do you ever just want to meet someone new. Someone new to hang out with and get to know better. Or simply someone to have small talk with.

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Photoshoot 8/26

"Just remember when you’re ignoring her, you’re teaching her to live without you."

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